V. Relationships

According to D.J. DE LAUBENFELS and C.J. QUINN there are only two species of Dacrydium within the area Plaine des Lacs, D. araucarioides and D. guillauminii, the latter additionally limited to a few sites there.
The surrounding area, i.e. the area of the Plaine des Lacs and the Rivière des Lacs, hosts the following species of conifers: Neocallitropsis pancheri, Agathis ovata, Retrophyllum minor, Dacrydium guillauminii, Dacrydium araucarioides, Podocarpus novaecaledoniae, Araucaria bernieri and Araucaria muelleri.
The broader environment is characterized by the genera Dacrycarpus and Callitris additionally to the above-mentioned species.

The two other Dacrydium species of New-Caledonia, Dacrydium balansae and Dacrydium lycopodioides, are only domiciled northwards at the “Rivière bleue” area.

  Imaginable is a hybrid of the genera Podocarpus and Dacrydium, because both belong to the Podocarpaceae, but that is foreclosed by local actualities of the situation.
Only in theory imaginable is a hybrid between Neocallitropsis (Cupressaceae) existing on-site and Dacrydium (Podocarpaceae).
Meanwhile this theoretical question has been claryfied by means of DNA analysis.