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H. Nimsch [2008]
Characterization of Dacrydium x suprinii Nimsch, recently described hybrid of
Dacrydium araucarioides Brongn. et Griseb. & Dacrydium guillauminii Buchh.
in New Caledonia

Journal de Botanique, 2008, 42 (), pp. 7-19, Société Botanique de France, Paris.

Table of Contents


I  General Introduction to the Field of Research

1 Geographic data
2 Climate
3 Soil

II  Introduction


1 Taxonomy of the genus Dacrydium
2 Distribution
3 Description


1 Taxonomy of Dacrydium araucarioides
2 Distribution
3 Description


1 Taxonomy of Dacrydium guillauminii
2 Distribution (including distribution map)
3 Description


1 Dacrydium x suprinii
2 Holotype
3 Distribution
4 Description
5 Descriptive botany of plots

Sample plot N° 1
Sample plot N° 2
Sample plot N° 3

III Etymology

IV  Conservation Status

V   Relationships

VI  Discussion

VII Acknowledgements

VIII Bibliography



In january 1994, during botanical studies in the area of the “Plaine des Lacs” in New Caledonia the author found a type of conifer, of wich the systematic assignment firstly remained vague.
During the following years B. SUPRIN, Nouméa, found more specimens and sites.
In 2005/2006 on a third field trip to the natural habitats in the south-east of the Grande Terre three more specimens could be registered.

The conifer is a natural hybrid of Dacrydium araucarioides and Dacrydium guillauminii growing only at three sites in New Caledonia.
These sites are exclusively located within the few small distribution areas of Dacrydium guillauminii and are described and plotted in a detailed map for the first time.
In all external characteristics Dacrydium x suprinii appears to be set between its parents, an assumption confirmed by DNA analysis.

Field records and some photographs serve to precisely describe the hybrid and its environment.


Dacrydium x suprinii – Description – Geographic distribution – Natural habitat